Branding photography for your business

A custom photo library, that reflects your brand, makes your marketing efforts much simpler. You have a united set of photos available for exactly when you need them.

What is brand photography?

Brand photography is a collection of custom photographs that represent your business’s brand. Think of your brand like your business personality! 

This could be anything from bright and colourful to desaturated and rustic photos. All photos use a similar visual language in terms of composition, editing and technical approach. 

The key thing is that your customers can clearly see that these images form part of a set that belong to your business.

Two women talking in front of a whiteboard.
This photograph helps to communicate the busiess culture of Haines Medical, which is warm, and friendly.

Custom photography elevates your brand

Custom photography is useful for all your marketing activities. You can use your photos across your website, social media, print media and more. 

Looking through stock libraries can take a great deal of time and the photos that you find will lack authenticity, because they don’t actually represent your business. It’s better to focus on genuine and engaging captures that will be meaningful to your customers, staff and stake holders.

Brand photography increases engagement

‘A picture is worth 1000 words’ – this is an old but accurate adage. A photograph can tell your customers in a flash what you are all about. 

Custom photographs give your customers a detailed impression of your business and create an instant emotional connection. This makes your brand memorable.

What does a branding shoot look like?

Throughout this article, I’ve chosen some brand photos taken for Haines Medical, who supply innovative medical products. They have many different business areas and roles. From the office at the front, that takes care of products, testing, orders, sales and other business activities through to the warehouse at the back that package and deliver the orders. With a variety of different business activities, it was important to create a united suite of images that communicates the flavour of the business as a whole. We also captured more formal headshots during the shoot (some examples below) which again re-enforces the overall look and feel of the brand.

Is a branding shoot right for you?

A branding shoot is a great way to create a set of images that are unique to your business. Photographs help communicate quickly what your business is all about, which helps to build a strong connection with your market. If you are interested in a branding shoot, drop us a message and we can chat about your needs.