How stories are built

Our images are crafted to help architects, builders and suppliers tell a visual story about the value of their work, to help attract clients and increase their industry profile.

What makes a strong architectural photograph?


Communicating the beauty of elements in an architectural space involves viewing them from a variety of vantage points. From more unexpected and artistic perspectives to angles that document the space. This creates a series of photographs that tell a compelling visual story.


Mood is a vital element to build an emotional connection between the viewer and the space.

Mood can be achieved with special attention to lighting and composition.

Light & shade

¬†Natural-looking photographs are the most effective way to communicate a space. Light & shade play a crucial role in guiding the viewer’s eye and enhancing the overall composition, creating a sense of depth and visual interest within the space.


The interplay of elements within a space create interest and convey the designer’s vision, boosting the space’s appeal. Compositions should be carefully considered and balanced.


Photography is often affected by unwanted colours stemming from light and surface reflections. Engaging architectural and interior photographs should accurately replicate the colours in the space and look clean and unpolluted.


High-quality photography equipment and attentive editing create memorable photographs. Specks of dust or even a streak across a bench top can negatively impact the perception of a space – so It’s crucial to ensure that all photos are carefully polished.

Take an in-depth look at how Drawcard helped Precision Homes showcase their 2023 Townhouse / Villa of the Year.

Our photos help our clients win awards

We have been fortunate enough to work with many talented designers, showcasing their work with photography that helps them stand out in award submissions.

How do we work?


Schedule your photography shoot with us and let us know how many final photos you’d like. If you’re unsure, don’t worry – we’re happy to advise you.

We offer various photo packages starting at $495 (excluding GST), encompassing everything from individual rooms or exteriors to comprehensive whole-house shoots.

Photo Shoot

We visit your property and showcase your amazing designs, services, or products in the best light possible! 

Our goal is to capture the essence of your property, paying extra attention to those special elements you want to highlight.

Online Gallery

After the shoot, we’ll work our editing magic on all the best photos. We’ll then upload them to an online gallery where you can pick out your absolute favourites.

If you want to add extra selections all our packages allow for flexibility. And if there are any specific more complex edits you have in mind, like finishing up that half tiled wall, just let us know!

Photos Delivered

Your final photo selections get an extra polish and we take care of any special editing requests that you may have. 

You’ll get your edited photos in digital formats suitable for both screens and printing. Plus, you get an unlimited license to use them for your business’ marketing and promotions. It’s all about making sure your brand shines!

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