Headshots for dentists, a painless process!

How do you feel about going to the dentist and how do you feel about having your headshot photograph taken? For some it's surprisingly similar!

Dentistry is a cornerstone of medical care and vital for health, but visits can be intimidating to many clients. Breaking down those barriers and using photography to describe the warmth, attitude and friendliness of staff is key to marketing efforts. The more information your customers have about how your clinic approaches care, and an understanding of each member of the team, the better. 

Insights into the practise can go a long way to alleviate any client anxiety.


I spent a fun morning capturing headshots of the staff at Unley Park Dental Clinic. We decided to photograph each member of staff with backdrops that best represented their roles. This meant keeping the photographs landscape.

This format helps to give clients a feel for the bright, relaxing clinic along with a strong sense of the staff’s personality.

To keep the headshots very approachable the position and scale of the staff member varies in the frame. I paid particular attention to the position of hands, and we focused on relaxed open body language to communicate the kindness and easy communication style of this team. I also organised a square version of each headshot, optomised for social media use.

Feeling better about a dental visit? Having met this team I can confidently say that you are in great hands, but hopefully these photos give you a strong sense of this too!

For more information on headshot photography you can visit this page or fill out the form below for a custom team quote.

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