Book photography: Bespoke Bath Bombs

One of the best ways to spend a day, is to create photography surrounded by beautiful scents! I was asked by Cherie•Em to create photographs for a book, Bespoke Bath Bombs, that describes the process of making your own bath bombs.

Cherie•Em retails an amazing selection of perfumes, bath and body products made from natural ingredients. Business owner Cherie Foran hand makes these products with a focus on environmental sustainability and locally sourced ingredients. Cherie loves to share her vast knowledge, hosting a variety of workshops throughout the year. One of her popular workshops is creating your own bath bombs, so she decided to put this information into book form so that it could be available to everyone.

To make the photography process as easy as possible, I visited Cherie in her shop. This meant that we had everything on hand and could work through all the photos needed with ease. I was able to use simple lighting to to create a clean, Hi Key, fresh look that would set the tone for the book and reflect her brand (see adjacent lighting diagram). The book covers everything from raw ingredients, step by step instructions to photographs of the final results. You can purchase Cherie’s e-book here.

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