Content Photography: QT

Drawcard had a blast creating content photography for QT!
The QT is a community hub in Queenstown, and along with The Pear Café, is part of the Neighbourhood initiative. QT is a hall and garden that is host a variety of different activities. These include; hot desks, a meeting space, events, community gardening and commercial kitchen. The Pear Café will also offer an opportunity to retail of some of the creations the originate from QT.
There was a bustle of activity going on during the photo shoot. This involved a group of volunteers and staff, who created wall art and replanted the garden. I enjoyed wandering around the space and capturing all these activities in motion. Although not all the areas were complete, I was still able to take plenty of photographs. Primarily documenting overviews, details, some interiors and, most importantly, the community in action!