Content photography: The Pear Café

I was asked to create photography to help populate a new website for The Pear Café. The owners requested photography that could help describe this warm and welcoming community space. This included documenting the café, headshots of staff and owners, and most importantly capturing the community using the café. Over two shoots I photographed the people, interiors, gifts and refreshments and loved every minute of it!

The Pear is a space to stay connected, drink coffee, share knowledge and buy locally made gifts and attend many regular activities to help the neighbourhood stay connected. These activities include a knitters group, games meets, talks, walks, gardening, arts, skill sharing and even a regular JP visit. The second you walk into The Pear it feels like coming home.

The Pear and QT forms part of the Neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood  is a multi-faceted hub that nurtures community connection and entrepreneurship. As part of this series I also documented some of the activities and space at QT

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