IP & Copyright Transfer Amendment 3.0

This agreement forms amends prescribed clauses within our general Terms of Service agreement.

Should you find any of the Terms unsuitable for your working requirements, please discuss this with us and we will be happy to discuss and issue an amendment.


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The parties named in the Agreement section below agree to the following:

This agreement is subject to our general Terms of Service (“ToS”) available to view here. Where two terms, clauses or definitions clash, this agreement will override the ToS. The words in both agreements have their natural meaning unless otherwise specified.

This clause amends the section “Copyright & IP Transfer” in the standard Terms of Service agreement previously entered into with the Client.

The following amendment shall be agreed between the undersigned Client and Designer, and is applicable to any work specified in a written quote related to this agreement (“Relevant Work”).

Upon payment of all required fees, including payment of any other outstanding payments to the Designer, the following rights and entitlements are surrendered by the Designer & transferred to the Client, for the Relevant Work:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) entitlements
  • Copyright entitlements
  • One copy of all working and finished project files
    • These files will be shared electronically and will not be available indefinitely. The onus is on the Client to copy & backup the files to their own local storage.

A certificate to formally acknowledge and record this transfer can be provided to the Client upon request.

The following rights shall survive this transfer:

  • The right of the Designer to publicly display and promote any work not bound by confidentiality, for the purposes of portfolio display.
  • The right of the Designer to claim full or co-originating authorship credit for such work.
  • The right for the Designer to possess a copy of all project files for archival purposes.


In addition, We cannot transfer the full rights assigned to other third party assets. Including but not limited to; fonts, stock images, source code from a third party library, etc. However, we take all reasonable steps to ensure that these assets are licensed for your use.



Chris Drabsch & Gianna Grbich, Partners at Drawcard (“The Designer”)


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