Print & publication design

our print design helps you

Complement digital activity

Print design can be effectively utilised in conjunction with digital design to build a stronger campaign.

Build credibility

Professionally designed materials can lend more credibility to your organisation, which is rewarded with stronger loyalty from your audience.

Connect on a real level

Print is a medium of the senses, taking advantage of tactile and tangible materials to communicate ideas.

Get more attention

Printed materials can instantly demand attention and develop awareness amongst the background noise.

Our design process



• Conduct an interview to determine initial ideas and approaches
• Sign off on an agreed final brief / design strategy

Idea exploration

Idea exploration

• Develop concepts via idea generation
• Shortlist the strongest concept designs
• Explore potential print options such as; stock, inks and speciality finishes 
• Arrange printing quotes and determine cost options 
• Present concept/s for review & select a final direction

Design production

Design Production

• Create finished artwork based on selected concept design
• Review artwork with client and perform revisions as necessary
• Preflight artwork for quality control and design consistency



• Prepare final artwork and deliver to printer
• Examine proof with client and make amendments if necessary
• Attend press check as required to examine quality
• Oversee print production and final delivery of materials to client

Although we provide an almost unlimited array of different print possibilities, here are some common projects and sizings.

Sales & marketing collateral

  • <h4>Longform Documents</h4>

    Longform Documents

    Longform documents typically span 30+ pages, and are commonly used for annual reports, magazines, showroom catalogs, and other lengthier communications pieces. These documents generally have a central design theme that is varied between each spread to help guide the read through the document, and gain their interest. Sturdier binding and additional finishes may also be used.

  • <h4>Shortform Documents</h4>

    Shortform Documents

    Shortform documents shorter in page count, and are also generally smaller in dimension (A4 or A5 typically). These documents are suited for situations that require convenience and portability, such as handouts, mailouts, product manuals, and smaller catalogs. Such documents are typically ring bound or saddle stitch bound with two staples in the centre.

  • <h4>Packaging & Labels</h4>

    Packaging & Labels

    Packaging and labels help consumers instantly recognise the origins and contents of the item it presents. The design work required is highly variable depending on size, shape, materials, cost, and marketing approach.

  • <h4>Signage Design</h4>

    Signage Design

    Signage helps others find your organisation as easily as possible from the street. It can also help increase foot traffic into your location through better awareness and recognition. Signage can be employed in a variety of ways, from simple A-frames and lightboxes right up to 3D lettering, backlit for nighttime visibility.