Brand strategy, identity & logo design

our logo designs help you

Own your slice of the market

A properly designed logo sets you apart from your competition, and helps you establish your place in the market.

Share your message

Communicate your ideals and purpose to your audience with great effect.

Build loyalty

A memorable logo allows your consumers to establish & build long lasting relationships with you.

Generate interest

Logos with strong backing concepts help create interest and further awareness about your organisation.

Our approach

How logo and identity design connects you to your audience


A logo is a visual mark that succinctly describes your organisation, using colour, line, shape, and typography. 

Since the logo forms the foundation on which your identity and brand is built, the design process begins here first.


The identity represents the manner in which your logo is implemented and extended, to further propagate your positioning to your audience. 

Once the logo design is established, the identity is extended from it and applied to all forms of media, eg digital & print collateral.


A brand is a perception, or feeling about your organisation that is created in tandem by you and your audience.

A properly conceived logo and identity helps strengthen can positively improve your brand, building greater, long lasting connections with your audience.

Some of our logos

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Our logo design process



• Conduct interview to determine initial ideas and approaches
• Develop positioning strategy with you to create brand objectives
• Analyse target audiences to determine best methods of approach
• Examine competition to explore new opportunities in your market
• Sign off on an agreed final brief / design strategy

Concept design

Concept design

• Develop potential concepts to explore via idea generation
• Shortlist the strongest concept designs
• Present concepts for review & select a final direction



• Drafting of final logo artwork based on selected concept
• Quality checks conducted for accuracy and precision
• Delivery of full colour, mono and reversed derivatives
• Creation of flexible design configurations in portrait and landscape



• Extend identity with supporting visual themes & motifs
• Create usage guide to instruct third parties on correct logo usage
• Develop style guide to help communicate brand ideals
  • Establish a long term plan to implement identity across all media