The ICAC works to prevent and investigate corruption in public administration in South Australia.

With a wide variety of print and digital media produced by ICAC annually, it was important to create an overarching but flexible identity that could help to communicate the values of the organisation. 

Some important aspects of ICAC to communicate included integrity, approachability and strength.

The motif of hexagons was chosen as an identity element. Hexagons were the perfect fit as they are created by bees because of their strength and effective use of space and resources. The shape itself feels approachable yet secure. 

These hexagons are linked with a fine line which was born from the concept of a stylised investigation board.

The colour scheme was developed to enhance ICAC’s existing blue palette. The colours were chosen for their fresh, clear and calm feel. This palette also works to balance the angular design elements.

As part of the re-brand we also evolved the existing ICAC logo and chose new font styles for the organisation.

ICAC mainly produce two types of brochures; general information and directed campaigns.

General information publications are created using only the identity, to be easily recognisable to a wide audience.

Directed campaigns comprise of an independent concept that sits beside the identity. It was important to create a flexible identity to ensure that campaigns produced could be tailored to the intended audience using new ideas.

For the last three years we have designed the ICAC Annual Report. Each report focuses on a different theme that the identity is adapted to. In the first annual report the core identity and brand direction was introduced and in each subsequent year new concepts have been created.

We have also produced a number of other printed items including; forms, signage, banners, and USB cards.

Complaints and reports form
ICAC Media Banner