ICAC / OPI Annual Report 2016

ICAC stands up against corruption in the public sector. For its third annual report, ICAC requested a design that spoke boldly about collaboration and communication.

To communicate these themes, we developed a concept for the report that aimed to break the traditional boundaries surrounding annual report design. We explored inventive ways of positioning headings, page numbers, text and graphics to create a composition that echoes strength, trust and openness. A high contrast black and white layout assisted in creating focus and impact.

The illustrations used throughout the report convey the theme of connectedness and collaboration, providing visual interest and dynamic energy throughout.

Using Nodebox, we wrote a Python script that procedurally generated the illustrations required for the concept. Nodebox allowed us to create swarms of points connected by rhythmically fanning lines, and morph hexagonal shapes together to create intricate shapes.

To help create a bold, striking report for ICAC, our intention was to push the layout beyond the conventional rectangular grid, and explore new territories in positioning elements. Each spread is carefully designed to create a unique composition which fits within a greater design system.

Certain typographic elements were emphasised and abstracted, to lend a feeling of boldness and strength to the design. The large section numbers for example counterbalance the delicate line illustrations, generating a dynamic design structure.

The colour scheme serves a more functional purpose than it had in previous years. Serving to colour code the sections of the report, allowing for easy navigation and highlighting of information. The colour scheme also follows a spectrum, advancing from dark to light tones.