Eynesbury Senior College

Eynesbury is located in the heart of the Adelaide CBD and caters to students from years 10-12. The school creates a university like environment, which focus on an independent approach to learning. With a strong & supportive team of teachers and staff, their students continue to achieve excellent academic results.

Drawcard’s role was to create a captivating library of photographs that described the school’s approach and feel. 

After initial discussions with Eynesbury, we identified that the key points to communicate were; student independence, individualised learning, and strong teacher support. Along with the variety of subjects, friendly social environment, and supportive peer networks.

Throughout the photographic series we used intimate crops and shallow depth of field to include the viewer in the scene to make them feel a part of the tight knit community. Many photographs highlight a single subject, communicating the individualised learning approach that Eynesbury provides.

In addition to working with the students, we also photographed a number of teachers highlighting the day to day interactions they have with students; such as study support, counselling and teaching.

You can view some of the photographs on the Eynesbury website at esc.sa.edu.au.