Cherie-Em is an artisan producer of botanical body and perfume products based in Willunga, SA. With a lovingly crafted selection of unique products we have also become devoted customers of the brand.

We have worked with Cherie-Em for a number of years, developing and evolving the brand identity through a wide range of visual media. 

The website design championed vintage botanical illustrations and introduced a suite of fresh brand colours.  

Incorporating Shopify, an online shopping cart, into a custom WordPress site allowed online purchases to be easily managed by Cherie-Em. 

Label design solutions for a constantly evolving range.

With Cherie-Em’s passion for creation, new perfumes were regularly being added and removed from the range. For the first series of labels we designed we came up with the solution to handwrite the scent name on the label. This allowed for cost effective bulk printed label run and infinite naming flexibility. The handwritten label beautifully describes the nature of the range.

For the next series of labels, created for a suite of other body products, we built on the handwritten title idea by using a cursive font. These labels were designed specifically for home print so that they could be easily edited and  printed, enabling fresh products to be market tested prior to larger batch printing.

Shop signage, postcards, wrapping paper and business cards also evolved the botanically themed identity.

For the latest perfume range we have created a set of sample labels. Along with a series of foiled luxury labels to compliment a bold new style of perfume bottles.