Pinnacle Wealth Management and Pinnacle Accounting Solutions have been taking care of clients financial needs for over twenty years. 

We have worked with Pinnacle for some years now, assisting with all their visual communications. We initially created a fresh logo and brand direction for them – applying it to a new website firstly, and then over the years a variety of other print and digital material. 

Recently we had the opportunity to refresh the website design and photography for the company, creating an updated insight into the organisation. We focused on conveying clarity, transparency and trust by creating a fresh, simple design and highlighting the people within the organisation.

Original colour pallete & logo (above)

Pinnacle’s original logo and colour scheme (left) was evolved to add energy, strength and simplicity (below). New brighter hues replaced a muted colour scheme and updated fonts added approachability to the brand.

Updated colour scheme

As part of he website design a new library of core photographs and headshots was created. These were developed in black and white to add a contemporary feel and to compliment the bright colours of the brand.

The website design needed to clearly differentiate the two arms of the organisation, financial planning and accounting solutions, while still visually unifying the overall brand.