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2014 Annual Report

Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (SA)

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Website Design

Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (SA)

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Website Design

Government House (SA)

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Print Design

Arts SA

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Website Design

Pinnacle Wealth Management

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Northern Mental Health Campaign

SA Health

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Website Design

Snowflakes for Charli

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Government & Non Profit

Arts SA

Australian Network for Art and Technology

Connecting Up

Department of Premier & Cabinet



Government House

Riverland Youth Arts Theatre

Parkinson’s SA

SA Health

University of Adelaide

Large & Small Business

Adelta Legal

E for Ethel

EIB Insurance Brokers

Goodwood Cellars

Liquid Property

Pinnacle Wealth Management

Pinnacle Accounting Solutions


Snowflakes for Charli

Unley Park Dental Clinic

Virtual Integrity

Why work with Drawcard?

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Our work is based on thorough research and deep understanding.

No matter how large or small the design project, every design piece has a specific purpose, goal, and audience. We take great care in ensuring our solutions are the right fit for you and your audience, by profiling your organization in depth and getting
to the heart of what your audience needs to know, and wants to listen to.

We’re passionate about designing for business.

We understand that graphic design is a core component in your business that impacts not just marketing and sales, but also finance, HR, and customer relationship management to name a few. We see graphic design not just as a service, but as a cornerstone
for improving communication internally and externally in any organisation.

You’re always kept in the loop, every step of the way.

We ensure that you’re kept regularly up to date with the progress of your project, and we also provide accurate resource estimates to ensure you are in control of your budget and time allocation.

Our workflow is adaptable and two-way with you.

No two design projects are alike – some projects are straightforward, but others are more complex and require a deeper level of feedback, revisions and development. We factor in a set amount of revision time into all of our projects to cover these
possibilities, bringing you greater peace of mind.

We are here to support you, beyond the finish line.

We take a great interest in ensuring our design solutions stand the test of time for you. We can provide a level of support tailored to your needs to ensure that the design solution we deliver achieves its prescribed goals, and has long lasting positive
impact on your business, making adjustments where necessary.

Our experience spans organisations large and small, across diverse industries.

We are a trusted supplier of design services for multiple state government agencies and organizations, as well as national non-profit organisations, but we also have worked with multiple small businesses and we have a particular passion for helping
small businesses grow. We bring our expertise and experience from all fields, to all clients.

A point of difference sets you apart from the rest.

We like to find out what makes you different from your competition, and finding exciting ways of communicating that difference to your audience.

We don’t take shortcuts.

Successful design relies on plumbing the depths of creativity and innovation, and there’s no room for recycling ideas and images. We delve into as many different and unique angles as we can, to ensure we find that one fantastic solution in the field.

Only original ideas make the cut.

The originality of an idea is an important factor in graphic design, as borrowing ideas can lead to potential legal issues down the track, from marketing confusion to copyright infringement – this is particularly an issue for identity and logo design.
Our ideas are generated no-where else except here, and we thoroughly check our identity designs against trademark databases to ensure there are no potential conflicts.

Our work is 100% handcrafted for you.

We develop your design solution completely in house, and we don’t rely on prefabricated designs that lock you into a particular style or theme. Every step of the way, our goal is to deliver a design that is uniquely yours, that no other competitor
can claim as theirs.

Let’s talk about your design needs.

Contact us for your free initial consultation.

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